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Mother's Day Buying Guide
Give your Mom the gift of a better night's sleep this Mother's Day. The Mattress Direct Sleep Specialists' Mother's Day Gift Guide is here!
We've Moved!

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Kirkwood Mattress Direct moving due to leaky roof

We've Moved!

After fighting the leaky roof dripping on us the past few years, we've moved to 10775 Watson, just down the street. We'll miss our great neighbors and the clickity clack of the train, but staying dry is nice too.


All in-process orders will be delivered on schedule and any additio...

Tips for sleep and travel


Summer is fantastic, the kids are out of school, the weather is amazing, and you are ready to go and travel the country! One of the biggest mistakes people make when traveling is forgetting to prioritize sleep especially on road trips. Drowsy driving causes approximately 72,000 car accidents ea...

Can one mattress work for everyone?


Large warehouse stores are amazing. You need ketchup? Well, there is one bottle of ketchup. You want some cereal? There are several options but only one size…. LARGE. They take the choice out of it. This makes the shopping experience easy. I know I don’t like sitting there debating what size bo...

Bellagio at Home Collection


The famous Bellagio hotel opened its doors on the Las Vegas strip on October 15, 1998.   The sprawling resort sits on the land that previously housed the legendary Dunes Hotel and Casino.  Inspired by the Lake Como town Bellagio in Italy, Bellagio is famed for its excellence. The main (original...

Why Daylight Savings Time feels like Jet Lag


The start of Daylight Saving Time is a clear indication of the warmer weather and evening sunshine headed our way.  Although most of us are excited for this change, we often forget about the effects of losing an hour of our sleep has on our body and regular routine.   


Getting gre...

Exercise and Sleep


New Year’s Resolution time is in full swing and everyone is trying to get their routine down. You have to make a schedule that works best for you. Some people think that morning workouts are the only way to go and that working out at night actually hurts your sleep, but that is just not true. W...

Eat Healthy, Exercise, SLEEP! Keep your New Year's Resolution!

Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions!

Every year around this time we all sit down and think about how we can make this year “our year”. What can we do to improve ourselves? Some years it is a big change, while some years it is small. Overwhelmingly every year the biggest New Year’s Resolution is t...

How does Sleep affect your Mood?


You probably have personal experience with just how much sleep affects mood. If you miss a full night of sleep the day after just feels more stressful. Irritability increases when we need more sleep.

Research studies that limited subjects to only 4 ½ hours of sleep each night found that after ...