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To Weightlessness and Beyond



                Everyone hears about this elusive zero gravity state, but just what exactly is it? Technically, it is the state of weightlessness one feels while floating in space. The pull of gravity actually causes aches and pain. We all want to feel weightless for a little while?

                For in home use it is the absence of weight, stress, and strain from normal forces on the body such as floors, chairs, and beds. This position where stress and strain melt from your body mimics the posture of astronaut’s chairs as they lift off hurdling through the atmosphere.

                Your body’s own weight is working against you as you walk, sit, or lay down. Your spine has natural curves and when lying flat your weight can cause pressure to build up if it is too flat--- especially on your lower back.  By raising your head and feet, this reduces pressure place your spine and ribcage which allows your body to alleviate stress and strain and allows you to relax and sleep easier.

Gravity naturally pulls your body down and can cause pressure on your lower back. When your body is in the zero-gravity state it not only reduces the weight put on you by gravity, but improves circulation to your arms and legs, can reduce snoring, eases breathing-especially during allergy season, and can even help people with sleep apnea.

                Everyone knows that sleep is important and sleep rules! But not enough people are getting the proper amount of sleep let alone the quality of sleep provided by sleeping on a Zero Gravity Base.

Mattress Direct sleep specialists are factory trained and know all about mattresses and adjustable bases and know how to fit you for the right one. Feel weightless in bed. Fight back! Gravity sucks! Experience the weightless feel of Zero Gravity with a Zero Adjustable Gravity base! 


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