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Picking the right outfit for any occasion Sleep Rule #427

Picking the right outfit for any occasion:  Mattress Shopping

By Justin Taylor

So you’ve decided you need a new mattress and you want to find your perfect bed, but are unsure of what to wear to give you your best result. Do you want to wear that cute workout outfit you bought last week to try a Tempurpedic? Maybe your his and hers matching rompers just arrived and this seems like the perfect evening to try them out laying on a Stearns and Foster.

There are many right answers but here are a few guidelines that you will want to follow when picking clothes to shop for a mattress.

Wear something that does not bind or restrict your movement
Remember to avoid the super tight jeans that keep you from being able to bend your legs. You want to be able to get into that typical fetal position many like to sleep in. Also, no light jackets either.  Jackets tend to keep you from being able move and stretch on a new bed. They obstruct your ability to test a mattress properly.

Don’t add padding with a coat or jacket
Make sure you take off your coat or jacket. It can not only change how you move on the mattress but it will also add additional padding the mattress and make the mattress feel different--- it won’t feel the same when it is in your bedroom.  Also, you want to be able to feel the new cooling features on mattresses like Tempurpedic and Sealy Posturepedic Conform and Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid. Cooling layers make a huge difference on how you sleep. It’s easier to evaluate these new advanced features while wearing thinner comfortable clothing.

Remember to wear pants or shorts
A romper could work too but typically you will feel more comfortable in pants or shorts that allow you to lie down while other shoppers or employees are around. You can turn more freely so when you compare the Sealy Posturepedic with the Tempurpedic you don’t have to move any less naturally than you would in your own bedroom.

You know you want to wear PJs
Everyone has done it. Quick trip to the store, long flight, you love your PJs. You know you want to show off your latest cute PJs. Bring the kids in their latest superhero PJs! While normally it might not be socially acceptable to wear PJs just anywhere--- but shopping for a mattress in athletic shorts and tank tops or t-shirts is very common. It’s about picking the right mattress and not dressing to impress.

Most any modern athletic pants/shorts shirt combo seems to be the best possible outfit. Just avoid heavily padded or bulky clothing and short dresses then you will have a pleasurable mattress shopping experience.







Under armour

Comfy lighter weight clothing





Tight Clothing


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