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Mother's Day Buying Guide

Mother's Day at Mattress DirectMother's Day Gift Guide

This Mother's Day, you could always get your mom that toaster you've been eying, and it never hurts to pick up flowers. Here at Mattress Direct, we'd like to encourage you to give your mom something she can really use. After all, if she sleeps just 6 hours a night, that's a quarter of her life! Long after the mums have wilted any of these sleep products will continue to be a memorable gift for years to come.

  1.  The Relax-O-Pedic Mattress Protector is a marvel of science. It comes in all your traditional mattress sizes, so no matter what size bed mom's sleeping on, there's a Relax-O-Pedic Mattress Protector that fits it. Sewn in the shape of a fitted sheet, this miracle mattress protector fits snuggly on the mattress and is a breathable barrier to moisture sinking into the mattress. Speaking of moisture... if you ever get too warm in bed and break into a sweat, the moisture from your perspiration activates the HEIQ cooling and the protector immediately cools your body down only at the point of moisture contact. This will keep you from awakening from the deepest stages of sleep due to temperature fluctuations. There are other cooling protectors on the market, but the Relax-O-Pedic mattress protector is the only one that activates cooling as needed. You mom is sure to appreciate this scientifc marvel and the newfound quality sleep she'll be getting after Mother's Day.
  2. The Zero Comfort Pillow is a fluffable cooling pillow that holds your head, neck, and shoulders in the ideal sleeping position AND ensures you won't overheat while asleep. The Zero Cool Tech fabric pulls excess heat away from your body Since blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin in your neck, it's highly effective at maintaining the ideal sleeping temperature. Getting to sleep, and staying asleep through the deeper stages of sleep, increase the quality of sleep and your ability to recharge overnight. Since this Comfort Pillow from Zero Sleep is fluffable, it works well for most body types and sleeping positions. Mom is going to love this Zero Cool Comfort Pillow that's cool on BOTH sides.
  3.  The Campbell Adjustable Base is maybe the best possible gift you could get anyone. This American Made Adjustable base will fit with most existing mattresses as well as any of the new Campbell Sleep Mattresses available direct from the factory at Mattress Direct. By allowing your mattress to be contoured to fit the position your body is at rest in, you're allowing mom the pressure relief of a zero gravity recliner. Aligning the spine and relieving pressure helps keep your body comfortable while you're asleep, ensuring you aren't waking up prematurely during the deepest stages of sleep. Aches, pains, and muscles stiffness all are alleviated when your body is put in the ideal sleeping position. One sleep specialist referred to it like this: "If you were going to run a race, you'd want running shoes with arch support that fit you, not a pair of flats. Imagine running an 8 hour race every night in flats instead of your cross trainers!"
  4. Sleep Rules T Shirt  The Sleep Rules T is popular as a casual running around shirt or the perfect pajama top for a lazy Sunday. Bella+Canvas Tri-Blend T is the ultimate in comfort. Most moms agree, Sleep does Rule. Quite possibly, this is the perfect shirt for this Mother's Day whether your mom is going out for brunch or staying in with the kiddos. It's also available in 3/4 Sleeve and in sizes to fit the whole family. After all, the family that sleeps well is a happy family indeed!
  5. Zero MattressThe Z0 Cooling Zero Mattress A new mattress is a great choice, and if you are looking for an easy to pick, guaranteed winner, the Zero Mattress is cool, comfortable and supportive whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. Keeping mom cool and comfortable is a breeze with the Zero Cool Tech sleeping surface. You can order a Zero Mattress online and have it delivered by our trained delivery teams or you can pick one up in a box at any of your local Mattress Direct showrooms. Don't wait until the last minute though; they're a popular item this Mother's Day, and you wouldn't want your mom to miss out!.

If none of these are the perfect gift for you mom, consider a Mattress Direct Sleep Gift available in any denomination at any of our 16 area locations. Your mom will be able to meet with a sleep specialist and apply your gift to the products she selects during her consultation. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. We hope you sleep great!

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