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Let's Talk about sheets!

Let’s talk about sheets.

Your bed sheets might not seem like a very important choice but you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Shouldn’t you try to make the most of that time and maximize your comfort? Keep reading and you will know everything you need to make an informed bed sheet selection.

100% Cotton: This is generally American grown and harvested upland cotton. The fibers of this fantastic cotton are generally shorter and less luxurious. This cotton is often blended with other materials like rayon or polyester to improve the feel.

Pima or Supima cotton: This cotton is very high quality and has longer fibers than regular American cotton. If you are looking for a luxurious cotton sheet this is a fantastic choice.

Egyptian cotton:  This cotton is known for its long, luxurious fibers. Egyptian cotton is extremely high quality and is often harvest by hand. The highest quality all cotton bed sheets are generally 100% Egyptian cotton.

Performance bedding: Materials that surpass cotton’s ability to cool the body. Often utilizing the same advanced materials found in high-end sportswear. These advanced materials may feel even better to you than high quality cotton.

What to know about weaves.

It’s not just what you use but how you use it. The weave for a bedding set has a lot of impact on how the fabrics feel and how well they keep the body cool.

Percale weave: This weave leaves more gaps between threads which cause sheets made in this style to have a crisp feel. The space between weaves allows for better air flow so hot sleepers may enjoy percale weave more.

Sateen weave: A weave with less space between threads gives this design a smoother, luxurious feel. Sateen weave sheets glide across the body but that smooth feel may limit some air flow. Hot sleepers may find cotton sheets made in this way are more insulating.

Thread counts you can count on.

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. High quality sheets typically range from 200-800 thread count but may go into the 1000 count and up.  Be careful not to use thread count as the sole sign of quality when selecting sheets. Often, low quality sheet sets with high counts are marketed. These sheets use very thin threads to inflate this thread count number without increasing the quality. However if high quality threads are used, generally, increasing the number of threads per square inch will mean better durability and more luxurious feeling sheets.

As with anything, your personal preference is most important. Just be sure to remember that every aspect of your sleep is important. Find sheets that feel comfortable and make you look forward to lying in bed every night.

As an alternative to traditional cotton sheets with thread counts an innovative company Bed Gear has made an ultra-breathable sheet using their Dri-Tec Technology. They feel light weight and smooth and offer the latest in cooling technology. They provide not only the quality you are looking for but a smooth luxurious feel.  Come into Mattress Direct to be fit for a pillow or a new sheet of gorgeous, smooth, breathable sheets. 

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