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Coffee Lovers Sleep Tips


Don’t drink coffee after 2pm for better sleep.

Are you groggy and unable to function without your morning cup of coffee? Perhaps you walk around on auto-pilot until you get your daily warm cup of coffee into your system. If you feel this way you are not alone. Many folks start their day with a bit of caffeine.

But did you know that even when the effects of caffeine can’t be perceived it can still affect sleep quality. In a small study participants were given set doses of caffeine throughout various times in the day and compared to participants given placebo.  The study found that normal sleepers who regularly consumed typical amounts of caffeine had diminished sleep quality when compared to sleepers who were given placebo. Taking caffeine closer to bed time caused participants to perceive a disruption in normal sleep. When participants in the study took caffeine earlier in the day they could no longer perceive the change in sleep but researchers still noticed diminished sleep.

So when should you enjoy coffee?

Because caffeine masks the signals from your brain telling you that you are tired, you may be using it to mask a deeper sleep problem. If you are going to consumer caffeine you should do it earlier in the day so that your body can process it before bed time but avoiding caffeine, according to researchers, will help improve sleep. Just be prepared for discomfort when quitting caffeine. Because it is mildly addictive, many notice headaches, soreness and irritability when avoiding caffeine.

Enjoy your coffee. Just don’t drink it after 2pm.

Managing what we drink throughout the day is important. The Mayo Clinic recommends no more than 4 cups of coffee per day or around 400mgs of caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee still contains some caffeine but much less than a normal strength coffee.  If you want to consumer a lot of caffeine it’s better to do it early. Don’t try to drink coffee after 2pm if you want to improve sleep.

If you struggle to feel awake and refreshed in the morning perhaps it’s time to cut back on masking your tired feelings and start addressing the cause. Don’t let poor sleep quality make you feel groggy all morning until you get your coffee. Wake up feeling refreshed.

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