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Exercise and Sleep

New Year’s Resolution time is in full swing and everyone is trying to get their routine down. You have to make a schedule that works best for you. Some people think that morning workouts are the only way to go and that working out at night actually hurts your sleep, but that is just not true. Working out is best whenever you can do it. If you are a morning person and find it easiest to wake up and go---then do it. If you have to work out after work that’s fine too whatever is best for your schedule that you can make a part of your weekly routine.

There’s always been this myth that you cannot work out four hours before you want to go to sleep, but that isn’t true for all. Very few people are affected by this. Most people can even find it easier to fall asleep after working out. Exercise overall improves sleep and allows people to rest more efficiently.

Typically, if you have trouble falling asleep after exercising it is because of temperature. Your core body temperature tends to rise after a vigorous workout and it also rises due to our natural circadian rhythm around the time you are trying to go to sleep. Lowering the temperature to 68 degrees and making sure you have the proper sleep environment is the key to success.

The proper sleep environment includes a dark quiet room, a mattress that is breathable (preferably in this case with cooling features such as cooling gel and/or breeze technology), cooling pillows, breathable sheets and a breathable mattress protector. Keeping you cool will allow you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. When you are cool it also allows you to reach deeper stages of sleep faster as well.

So don’t worry if the only time in your schedule to work out is late at night. You can still get the proper sleep you need for your rest and recovery. Just make sure to stay cool.

Eat Healthy, Exercise, SLEEP! Keep your New Year's Resolution!

Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions!

Every year around this time we all sit down and think about how we can make this year “our year”. What can we do to improve ourselves? Some years it is a big change, while some years it is small. Overwhelmingly every year the biggest New Year’s Resolution is to Get Fit or Lose Weight. This is the gym’s biggest time of the year. Everyone wants to get in shape!

There are three very important keys to losing weight, but typically we only think of two.

  1.        Eat Healthy
  2.        Exercise
  3.        REST-Get the proper amount of sleep.

You can eat properly and start an exercise routine, but if you aren’t getting enough sleep you will not lose weight or get in shape to your full potential.

Henry Cavill (I think we can say is a rather fit human being) before starting training to be the…… muscular….. Super Man had to promise his trainer to get 9-10 hours of sleep every night, otherwise all of his time in the gym would be for not.

Most people aren’t training to be Super Man, but if you are eating healthy and exercising you want to get your maximum results and for that you need to make sure to sleep and recover. During deep sleep our bodies are repairing the muscles you have worked during the day. This process is incredibly important. You want to build muscles which in turns burns fat. Your body is doing more in those 8-10 hours to make you lose weight and add muscle than you did in your hour at the gym! It is kind of nice to think about the fact that while you are sleeping you are actually getting healthier! This can only happen if you put in the time to your new exercise routine!

If you are one of the millions of Americans wanting to start this year off right with a new exercise routine/healthier lifestyle do not for get to GET ENOUGH SLEEP.

A very important part of getting enough sleep is your mattress. If you are unable to get a good 8 hour sleep because you are tossing and turning all night consider replacing your mattress. All Mattress Direct factory direct show rooms have mattress specialists trained to fit you for the best mattress for your sleep needs.  Plus, Mattress Direct makes shopping for the right mattress easy with our nationwide guaranteed lowest price factory direct savings. You get the lowest prices on everything in our showroom up-front so we can focus on finding the best mattress to help you.