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Eat Healthy, Exercise, SLEEP! Keep your New Year's Resolution!

Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions!

Every year around this time we all sit down and think about how we can make this year “our year”. What can we do to improve ourselves? Some years it is a big change, while some years it is small. Overwhelmingly every year the biggest New Year’s Resolution is to Get Fit or Lose Weight. This is the gym’s biggest time of the year. Everyone wants to get in shape!

There are three very important keys to losing weight, but typically we only think of two.

  1.        Eat Healthy
  2.        Exercise
  3.        REST-Get the proper amount of sleep.

You can eat properly and start an exercise routine, but if you aren’t getting enough sleep you will not lose weight or get in shape to your full potential.

Henry Cavill (I think we can say is a rather fit human being) before starting training to be the…… muscular….. Super Man had to promise his trainer to get 9-10 hours of sleep every night, otherwise all of his time in the gym would be for not.

Most people aren’t training to be Super Man, but if you are eating healthy and exercising you want to get your maximum results and for that you need to make sure to sleep and recover. During deep sleep our bodies are repairing the muscles you have worked during the day. This process is incredibly important. You want to build muscles which in turns burns fat. Your body is doing more in those 8-10 hours to make you lose weight and add muscle than you did in your hour at the gym! It is kind of nice to think about the fact that while you are sleeping you are actually getting healthier! This can only happen if you put in the time to your new exercise routine!

If you are one of the millions of Americans wanting to start this year off right with a new exercise routine/healthier lifestyle do not for get to GET ENOUGH SLEEP.

A very important part of getting enough sleep is your mattress. If you are unable to get a good 8 hour sleep because you are tossing and turning all night consider replacing your mattress. All Mattress Direct factory direct show rooms have mattress specialists trained to fit you for the best mattress for your sleep needs.  Plus, Mattress Direct makes shopping for the right mattress easy with our nationwide guaranteed lowest price factory direct savings. You get the lowest prices on everything in our showroom up-front so we can focus on finding the best mattress to help you. 

Fall into Bed with Exercise

Recently, Mattress Direct posted a blog entry about the link between exercise and sleep.  Today, we want to give you some extra motivation to help you along your way to more alert days and more restful nights!  While it may not be the usual time of year people think of when they consider making a change to a more active lifestyle, (that’s usually New Year’s Eve and swimsuit season!) we think Autumn is a great time to turn over a new leaf!  (Pun intended.) 

First, and this is especially true in the St. Louis area, Fall has the best weather for outdoor exercise.  Walking, biking, hiking, and even running are at their most enjoyable in the crisp, temperate days of early fall.  While it’s easy to get discouraged in the 100-degree, 80% humidity dog days of summer, the 50-to-70-degree days of October and November are simply ideal to get in a great workout and enjoy the changing colors of the season.  Additionally, many families experience “back to school” at this time of year, and may have more free time than they did over the summer. 

If you find your mornings and afternoons have suddenly been freed up now that the kids are out of the house, take advantage and get active!   If you’re the type of person that prefers exercising with a group, consider finding a nearby club of walkers, hikers or bikers to keep you motivated and accountable. 

You don’t have to wait until you wake up January First with a hangover and a muffin top to make the commitment to better health and a better night’s sleep.  Here are some great hiking and bike trails in the St. Louis area that we recommend you check out during the next few weeks of gorgeous fall weather.  Let us know your favorite spots in the comments below!

Exercise your way to Healthier Sleep

sleep exercise


One of the most frequently asked questions we hear as Sleep Specialists is “What are some easy things I can do to get a better night’s sleep?”  While there are many things that influence how much deep, restorative sleep a person gets, one is probably overlooked but still incredibly important: physical activity. 

 A recent study in the Journal of Mental Health and Physical Activity among 2,600 men and women between the ages of 18-85 found that people who engaged in 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a week improved sleep quality by 65%.  Additionally, the study found a 68% decrease in leg cramping and a 45% decrease in difficult concentrating compared to those that did not exercise. 

Many other studies show similar findings.  For example, a study at Northwest University found that exercise and sleep were mutually beneficial to one another.   Good sleep led to longer, more intense workout sessions, which led to better sleep and strengthened circadian rhythms, creating a cycle of improved health and well- being.   Experts suggest thinking about the relationship between exercise and sleep in the same way as exercise and weight loss – that it is a gradual process, not an overnight fix. 


Regarding when to exercise: there have been some surprising developments in research on that topic!   Conventional wisdom told people not to work out too close to bedtime, which could lead to restlessness.  But a 2013 sleep poll found that people who exercised at any time of the day slept better than those who didn’t, even if it that activity took place at nighttime.

 For many busy adults, burdened with work and family responsibilities, right before bed may actually be the easiest time to work up a sweat, so don’t let an outdated idea keep you from getting in the workout your body craves for optimal sleep. 

The idea that exercise is healthy isn’t news to anyone.  We all know mood, metabolism, blood pressure, and risk for heart disease, obesity and diabetes can be influenced by how active you are.  But as sleep scientists explore the link between sleep and physical activity more and more, it seems clear that if you’re tossing and turning, and having trouble feeling alert during the day, reaching for your running shoes may be a better choice than reaching for those sleeping pills.