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How to shop for a mattress

Time for a new mattress so……

“What do I get?”

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                  Which one?  How is this daunting task completed? I mean, you gotta sleep on something, right? Well, get the HELP you need. Go see a Sleep Specialist at Mattress Direct.

We have 3 Simple Rules that help you in selecting YOUR right fit…..The Sleep Rules.

1) Align Your Spine: The Perfect Pillow and Mattress let your muscles relax, so YOU wake up refreshed.

2) Relieve YOUR Pressure: Remove and restrictions to YOUR Shoulders, Hips, and/or Knees. Stay Comfortable

3) Keep Your Cool: Regulate your Body Temperature To Keep from Waking Up during the deepest sleep stages.

Easy as 1,2, 3. Find the mattress that hits all 3 of the Sleep Rules and your body. Mattress Direct is here to help you!


Check out the Solutions to a great night's sleep!

Five Reasons to Choose Mattress Direct


The Lowest Price

When you shop Mattress Direct you’re assured the lowest price on whichever product fits you best. We’ve connected directly with the biggest and best mattress manufacturers to offer factory direct savings from Serta, Beautyrest, Campbell, Nectar, ReST,  Relax-O-Pedic, and M.H.Gray. Whether you’re looking for the best sleep of your life, or a mattress for the guest room, Mattress Direct has the best value on what you’re looking for. Find a price you like elsewhere? We’ll beat it, guaranteed.


Expert fitting

When you shop for a new mattress it helps to know where to start. With more brands and styles than ever, give the Sleep Specialists at Mattress Direct five minutes, and they’ll put you on the path to finding your best fitting mattress. Six hours a night is quarter of your life. Let the Sleep Specialists show you how to find your best fit.


Comfort Assurance

We’re so confident in our Sleep Specialists ability to fit you for the perfect mattress, that we offer a full year of Comfort Assurance on every new mattress. Especially in St. Louis where the summers get hot and the winters get cold, we like for your body to experience a full year of comfort on your new sleep system. The manufacturers appreciate having our Sleep Specialists on the front end, because fitting St. Louis to their perfect night’s sleep leads to outstanding reviews and customer satisfaction.


Local Company

Mattress Direct was founded in St. Louis by sleep specialists who were born in St. Louis to help the people of St. Louis feel their best and save money at the same time. We cheer for the Cardinals, we custom fit the Blues for their pillows and mattresses, all because we love this town.  We believe that Sleep Specialists from St. Louis are the best equipped to help the people of St. Louis. Those shared experiences from Grant’s Farm to the Stanley Cup make us part of the community and every dollar you spend at Mattress Direct goes back into the local economy.


Best Selection

We have shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped so you don’t have to. We’ve been across the country and around the world looking for the very best sleep technologies and the highest quality manufacturing. When you’re looking for the best mattress for the best price, you can rest assured you’ll find it at Mattress Direct. We’ve seen it all, and even build beds specifically for the St. Louis market at the Campbell Mattress factory.

Sleep Rules: Rule Number 1: Align Your Spine with a Perfect Pillow.

Originally Published at The Sleep Rules Podcast

So, the quest for a perfect pillow is as daunting as The Holy Grail or the Davinci code. Or is it? I mean it’s just a pillow, right? Well, that overlooked article of bedding consists of 30% of your spine, BRO! I didn’t believe it at first, but it’s the truth. Then I remembered my old wrestling friends telling me that “if you control the head, you control the body.” I use to pass that on by because I couldn’t relate it to anything in my life at the time. I mean, I wasn’t shooting any double leg take downs or suplexing anybody at the time. But now it makes sense. If my head is not in proper alignment, NEITHER is my body! So that explained my years of neck, shoulder, and hip aches. IT WASN’T JUST THE MATTRESS!!!!

So how does one find an ever elusive “Perfect Pillow”? Well, go get fitted. Mattress Direct does this. They actual do this before you even lay down on your potential mattress. First, they take into accounts your sleeping position (side, back, stomach, any which way but loose) and choose the appropriate pillow for such position. Then have you lay down on a bed that is suitable for your request of comfort. No longer do you have to wander a store holding a pillow like an old boom box. That may bring you back to your break dancing days, but it will not bring you to Comfort Town. Comfort Town is when you have that one pillow, one pillow that rules them all. Lord of The Pillows style.

Come on by one of your friendly, neighborhood Mattress Directs and get fitted for that pillow Today. I mean, why wait till tomorrow when you aren’t sleeping any better and are in a foul mood. You don’t like that you, and the world will be better once you start following the Sleep Rules.